Effective communication can make events run smoothly

  • Invitation Emails - Send out broadcast emails to members, prospects, past event attendees, and others to encourage them to register for your events.
  • Confirmation Emails - After registration is completed, a confirmation email is emailed to the registrant

  • vCalendar file (add-to-calendar link) - Confirmation emails and invitations can optionally contain a vCalendar file, which allows for easy adding to a registrant's calendar (Outlook, Gmail, etc.).

  • Broadcast Email Messaging - This built-in feature allows you to quickly send an email to all event attendees. You can choose to send it to all attendees, pick and choose specific ones, or narrow down your results based on a custom query.

  • Event Surveys - You can create a custom survey (i.e. quality of the presentations, comfort of the room, quality of food, etc.) by adding various questions (multiple choice, text, multiline text, 1-5 rating, etc.) and then use the broadcast email message module to send it to all your attendees or only those that you select.