Registration Form

Registration Form Options - the heart of the module is the ability to build a form that registrants can easily fill out to register for your events

  • Event Packages - This module offers differently priced attendee packages. Early registration packages can be set up with a discount. Packages can be set up for members only or available to non-members. Additionally, you can make packages for specific types of members only that are inaccessible to others.

  • Member Versus Non-Member Options - You have many options to offer different things to your members and non-members. Entire registrations can be members only, or packages and/or custom fields can be limited to members, guests, or both. You can make a single registration that could potentially look completely different to non-member than it does to a member.  Registration options can be limited based on payment status of members as well (members who owe dues would not receive member discounts for events).

  • Discount Codes - These codes offer discounts to members, vendors, donors, and others by setting up codes with percentage or dollar-based discounts. Codes can also be limited to members only and can be easily copied from one event to another.

  • Bulk Discounts - Offer discounts for registrants who register more than a certain number of attendees.

  • Cut-off Dates - Admins can set up cut-off dates for registration or for particular event registration packages. You can set begin dates on the event and on packages as well as cut-off dates on the event, packages, and custom fields. This will allow you to set up an automated system that makes things available and unavailable according to the date structure you specify. Set up the event once and let it run!

  • Member Registration Integrated - Allow registrants to join your association and pay dues as part of registration.

  • Event Attendee/Prospect List Integration - For registrants that are non-members, there is an option to automatically add them to an event attendee prospect list in the database, so that you can later contact them about membership if you choose.

  • Online Payments - You can collect event payments online via, PayPal or supported payment gateway of your choice.

  • Banquet/Table Registration - These tools allow the registrant to register for full or partial tables and offers easy entry of table guests.

  • File Uploads - If you need registrants to upload a file during registration or if you require students to provide proof of their education status with a transcript in order to receive a discounted rate, they can upload their documentation during the registration process.

  • Custom Fields - All events are different, so you can set up a variety of custom fields to collect information specific to your event (i.e. opt-in training sessions, breakout sessions, menu selections, t-shirt size, etc.). These fields can be restricted to specific member types or to specific packages and only appear when appropriate. You can also create dependent fields that are only shown if their parent field is selected.

  • Custom Verbiage - At every step along the way, you have the option of adding custom verbiage messages to aid registrants in completing the form.

  • Public /  Members / Invitation Only - registrations can be published on your website for the general public, made private, or by invitation only.