Software Features

Solution for your in person and virtual event software needs

ConferenceLeap is the event solution built into MemberLeap, which is a powerful association management software system with additional membership features and benefits.

Our event solution includes many cloud-based modules and their respective features that can assist member-based organizations efficiently manage their events, send out calls for proposals, create an interactive map for exhibitors, so they can successfully achieve their organization's event revenue goals.

Event Management

GoldPlatinumFeatures and Benefits
Calendar of Events
easy to update online; the calendar features all of your organization's upcoming events; various formats are available.
In Person Event Registration
allow members/event attendees to sign up for your events and pay fees for conferences, conventions, and other events. Virtual Event Registration is offered at the Platinum level below.
Attendance Tracking
utilizing our mobile app, easily track your members/event attendees' attendance at your events; other options within event registration also let you track attendance using your desktop, laptop, or tablet.
Volunteer Management
set up available volunteer sessions, opportunities, and time slots available for your members to easily register for; track volunteer hours; assign volunteer coordinators; and run various reports.
Interactive Event Surveys
conduct surveys to collect information from your members/event attendees; designed to allow only one submission per person, and the emails that are sent are encoded for that particular person so sharing a link to the survey will not work.
Virtual Event Registration & Zoom Interface
allow members/event attendees to sign up for your virtual events, pay registration fees online, and attend online events via our Zoom interface. 
Exhibit Booth Editor
set up an interactive map for your conference, tradeshow, or other event; exhibitors can select booths, upload their logo/picture, and see what other booths have been taken and by whom.
Call for Proposals
in preparation for a conference/convention, you might conduct a 'call for proposals' to determine who will present at the event - included is a system that makes this process much easier; easily create a conference program or journal from the submissions.
Event Features in the Mobile App
let members/event attendees check themselves into your events by scanning a QR at registration, view an attendee list, view their schedule, and complete surveys; Admins can also use it as an attendee check-in tool; there is an additional setup cost for the mobile app (please see Mobile App below).

Member/Event Attendee Management

GoldPlatinumFeatures and Benefits
Member/Event Attendee Database
a full-featured database system; track member and event attendee data, membership/event attendee plans, notes, and custom fields for your data; also offers a cross reference feature where a parent company can track its employees' who receive free membership benefits.
Member/Event Attendee Directory / Search (Find a 'Member')
display a public directory on your website and/or a private directory in the online portal; both are fully searchable based on various criteria - membership plans, name, categories, and custom fields; we can also customize a directory to meet your specific needs if you want to search on or display different fields for each directory.
Event Interest Form (Contact Us Form)
this feature allows prospects to fill out a form to request more info; their info is sent as an email to a designated email, and is also loaded into the database as a prospect record.
Online Portal Area
members/event attendees can be granted login permission to this area; it offers a dashboard where you can house pertinent event information that you want your members/event attendees to see first and foremost when they login.
Member/Event Prospect/Event Attendee Data Conversion
take your current data, convert it, and load it into your account; limited to conversion of one flat file of data; first 50 fields are included in the packages.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
keep track of your interactions with your members/event attendees as well as schedule reminders for follow-up.
Quick Reports and Custom Reporting
choose a quick report or set up an unlimited number of custom reports to generate formatted member/event attendee lists, address lists, mailing labels, and more.
Membership and Event Billing
manage new member dues, create event invoices, and track payments.
Online Payments
allow your members/event attendees to make online payments for new member dues and event registration fees; includes interfaces for, PayPal, ClearGate, and other payment gateways. ACH and eCheck options are available through Authorize.Net.
require members to sign waivers during event registration.
QuickBooks Interface
after new member dues and event registration fee transactions are processed through ConferenceLeap, you can easily sync them over to your QuickBooks account with a simple click of a button - no data entry required. Due to the complexity of setting up the initial general ledger accounts and classes, there is an initial setup cost of $875. There is an extra $35 monthly maintenance and support fee, which is included in the Platinum plan, or can be added a la carte to the Gold plan.

Event Mobile Application

GoldPlatinumFeatures and Benefits
Mobile App
allows your members easy access to various modules and features (including many event registration features) on iOS through iTunes and Android through Google Play; an extra $15 monthly fee is included in the Platinum plan; additional $1,400 setup cost is included in some website packages.
Push Notifications
Send messages directly to your members/event attendees mobile devices as message alerts, badge updates, or sound alerts; great for sharing information with members/event attendees at your events; available as an add-on feature to the Mobile App (PLEASE NOTE: This feature requires an additional $300 initial setup cost)

Website Content Management

GoldPlatinumFeatures and Benefits
Website Content Manager
an easy-to-use Grid Editor tool allows non-tech users to create responsive, mobile-friendly event webpages by formatting various sections.
Slideshow Manager
display a rotating slideshow anywhere on your website of pictures, sponsors, services, or even ads (for an additional revenue stream, you can sell banner advertisement space on your site).
File Archive / Document Library 
share documents with your members/event attendees; keep documents organized by category or sub-categories; easily searchable.
Video Manager
organize videos and then present them as publicly available or for members/event attendee only.
Photo Album Editor
manage and organize photos of your events; photos can be labeled, and albums can be public or member/event attendee only and displayed in an album format or a slideshow; and photos can be organized into multiple volumes.
Forms Builder
build custom web-based forms to allow anyone to fill out forms on a website' they can be used to submit requests, provide feedback, ask questions, and more.

Web Hosting

GoldPlatinumFeatures and Benefits
Basic Web Hosting
all plans include our basic hosting plan, including generous storage, email features, and backups - 8 GB of storage and 20 domain-based email accounts ( with web-based access or with optional email forwarding.
Advanced Web Hosting Plans
optional Enhanced Plan: 16 GB of storage and 40 email accounts; an extra $10 monthly fee applies.
optional Enterprise Plan: 32 GB of storage and 80 email accounts; an extra $20 monthly fee applies.


GoldPlatinumFeatures and Benefits
Broadcast Email Messages and Newsletters
easily send an outgoing mobile-friendly message or newsletter to all members, select members, or non-members (event attendees) via an easy-to-use advanced interface, which includes the ability to create templates for different kinds of emails; schedule emails of a marketing campaign to go out a certain number of days before or after your event; review stats that include open rate and click-through data; post to your social media networks.
RSS Feeds / Uploads / System Integration
RSS feeds are provided with the calendar and news; member data upload is available, and other data feeds into and out of the system are possible, contact us for details.
News Manager
keep members/event attendees updated with the latest information from your organization by publishing news items on your website, which are fully searchable.
keep members/event attendees updated with the latest information from your organization's event by publishing a blog on your website and allow them to comment on your postings.
Drip Marketing
setup automatic drip programs tied to trigger events (joining as a member during event registration, etc.)
Message Boards / Discussion Forums
allow members/event attendees to conduct ongoing discussions online during your events; multiple boards can be organized around different subject categories; within which, they can start topics for discussion.
Email List Service Manager
integrated through the message boards; allows an admin to create an email-list handle (, so members/event attendees can send and reply-to topics by email in addition to this content being posted on an online message board; these emails make it easy to send email messages to those who have opted to receive them.
Projects / Committee Management
allow members to sign up for groups (event committee, volunteers, etc.); easily update pages detailing your various projects; store committee documents; allow committees to easily communicate with one another; send broadcast emails to committee members.
Social Networking Tool (MultiPost)
while creating broadcast emails, newsletters, and news manager items, you can also post them to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn simultaneously.
Broadcast Text Message
quickly send a broadcast text to your members/event attendees using this premium service (notify event attendees of changes to the schedule or rooms); there is a minimum $10 monthly fee for the first 500 texts sent and then a 0.02 cent charge per text for additional texts (US phone numbers only). Please contact us if you want international text options.


GoldPlatinumFeatures and Benefits
Online Learning Module
after your event, post your event content as a self-guided course online for those who missed the event to take at their convenience, complete multiple choice tests, and receive certifications for successfully completing them.
  • Pricing effective March 1, 2020, subject to change.

Monthly ConferenceLeap Lease Fees

After deciding which ConferenceLeap plan above your organization can most benefit from, you can then determine your monthly ConferenceLeap lease fee based on this plan in conjunction with the total number of member/event attendees records requiring usernames and passwords in your database.